Digithera’s New Website Design: Improving competitiveness in the specialised market of electronic invoicing

Renewed user experience, improved access to services, responsive technology and an exciting new graphic layout: this is what COMMpla has brought to Digithera, the leading Italian company in electronic invoicing, in the re-design of its platform www.digithera.itThe new site has been completely revolutionised to assist companies and professionals alike in reducing the paperwork involved in their business processes.

COMMPLA has acted as Digithera’s technological partner since 2015, and has supported the company in its online marketing and communication activities in the highly specialized sector of the dematerialization of administrative processes. 

The services offered by the new platform, and the associated marketing and communication activities, can be highlighted as follows:

  • Electronic invoicing between private organisations: all of the electronic invoicing services, mandatory in transactions with public bodies in Italy and offered by Digithera, are now available for invoicing between private entities.In addition, the new site makes it possible to purchase services and tools from the product pages as in a common ecommerce site.
  • Electronic archiving of invoices: the new site gives improved visibility to the new range of Digithera services relevant to the electronic archiving of invoices and PDF files, as well as other paper and digital documents such as registers, books, newspapers, e-mails, certified e-mails (PEC), etc.
  • Multichannel dispatch of orders and invoices, the new plug and play services: the new Digithera website showcases a range of easily-installed solutions that can send even digitally signed documents in a rapid way directly via certified e-mail channels, with the document directly included in the body of the e-mail.  This is a challenge that Digithera has undertaken to assist even small businesses in digitisation. 
  • Resale of specialised services: the new platform also promotes a range of highly specialised services for resale, which can be personalised in function of the level of autonomy that accountants and other consultants wish to give to their customers. 
  • Assistance and training: the new site has a section that permits interaction with the Digithera team of experts and access to webinars (organised with the support of COMMpla), tutorials, and FAQs to understand better all of the functions of Digithera’s products and services. 

Electronic invoicing is a part of the digital innovation of the country, and COMMpla is proud to be a partner of Digithera, a company that has taken the values of digitisation, respect for the environment, and the simplification of everyday life, especially for SME, to heart.

Good Luck Digithera!