Open House 2017: digital communication applied to arts

Working everyday surrounded by art? You don’t need to be a museum curator to do it.
For almost ten years, the walls of our office in Pisa have been entirely covered by art, turning into an actual art gallery/workspace. But not only our team can enjoy the paintings and photos of the artists who choose to display  their works here.
Every year COMMpla, in collaboration with Trust-IT Services, AQdex, Innotec and P.I. MGMT, hosts the Open House Exhibition, an evening dedicated to art that allows guests to meet the artists and discover more about their vision.
With more than 150 participants, this year’s edition took place on 30th June 2017, when 9 artists (9, like the number of editions) displayed their art pieces, spanning from photography to figurative, pop and abstract art.
The spotlight was on the magnificent works by Alessandro Grazi and Ilenia Rosati, the ironic themes by Guido Bartoli, the incredible acrylic paintings by the young yet talented Emma Catalano, the Brut Art by Giuliano De Martini, the abstract and evocative images by Silvia Forzoni, the Black & White photos by Daniela Maxia, the oil paintings with dreamy colours by Olga Renda and the metal-rock drawings by the debuting Nicoletta Luccini.
…and what’s better than networking in front of a painting? In fact, with arts, we also gave visibility to the many partners of our network, who had the chance to present their services in a creative and original way.
While we wait to celebrate together next year’s edition, have a look at the best moments of our Open House 2017!