Inspearit: Think, Act & Train


Inspearit has more than 30 years of experience as a consulting partner in assisting companies that want to embrace digital transformation. Its main goal is to help the market's leaders innovate the management of their organisation and thus create value for their business.

Our Role

In December 2020 Inspearit contacted COMMpla in order to start planning a new communication strategy. 

The first step was to execute a complete analysis of the Italian website,

Thanks to this analysis we found the areas of the site which needed to be optimised. 

During this first optimisation effort we completed the following actions: 

  • We rephrased many of the webpage meta descriptions inserting strategic keywords;
  • Edited web page H1 titles, adding strategic keywords to catch our target audience;
  • Reduced the size of several images, which were an obstacle to the user experience.

Another part of the new communication strategy involves the weekly publication of content pieces on high traffic topics. These topics are selected thanks to the SEMrush keyword planning tool. 

Using this approach we have dramatically improved traffic to the website.

  • In January 2021 we registered 1023 views;
  • In February 2021 we registered 1279 views;
  • In March 2021 we registered 1965 views.

In March 2021, we increased site visits by over 90% compared to January 2021.

The final part of our strategy is the search PPC campaigns that we set up in order to promote the Inspearit Agile Courses. We are currently launching two new campaigns in order to find registrants for the Management 3.0 and Leading SAFe online courses.

If you are interested in these courses, register now!