The e-learning platform by COMMpla, a bridge towards the future of learning
01 June 2017

COMMpla has developed the ACB e-learning platform, an integrated, modular web-based solution, based on the latest ICT solutions to provide training services for targeted users, able to satisfy the diverse needs of all the members. 

COMMpla to develop the new European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) web portal
12 April 2017

COMMpla is to develop the new web portal for the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS)   under the European Copernicus Programme. EFAS is monitoring the waterways on a European scale and provides information and forecasts several days in advance (up to 15 days).

Digithera’s New Website Design: Improving competitiveness in the specialised market of electronic invoicing
29 March 2017

Renewed user experience, improved access to services, responsive technology and an exciting new graphic layout: this is what COMMpla has brought to Digithera in the re-design of its platform.

Fear of the dentist? No thanks
17 March 2017

Small is beautiful, we’ve said it from the start and this time it’s no different.  And the confirmation is in the new website we’ve just designed for our client, a small dentist’s study directed by Dr. Alessandra Cateni. 

Responsive Graphics and New Improved Services for the ISUZU Platform
14 March 2017

COMMPLA has developed new responsive graphics for ISUZU, making the platform easier to reach from mobile devices and simplifying the services on offer for its users.

When digital strategy is the cornerstone of communication between doctor and patient
03 February 2017

In 2013 COMMpla created her first website and contributed to the very first launch of her presence online. Now COMMpla partners up with Doctor Del Bravo again and designed a new digital communication plan.

COMMpla supports Saint-Gobain Glass Italy to develop web-based solutions
31 January 2017

Saint-Gobain Glass, one of the top players in the flat glass manufacturing field at an international level, chose COMMpla to renovate its online presence.

COMMpla improving wedding stats in Tuscany
16 January 2017

COMMpla designed the international conceptual branding project for Valle di Badia resort,  redefining its value proposition, planning its new image and language, as well as its strategic communication plan and customer retention mechanisms.


Web Agency or Digital Agency? Two are better than one!
13 October 2016

Planning your digital strategy is the first important step to be successful online.

You therefore need the support of Digital Strategy Specialists who can drive potential customers to your website.

ORCA Coffee: the Italian aroma that revolutionizes the e-commerce in the States
13 September 2016

Giancarlo Fantappie came to California in 2000, enthusiastic to start a brand new life without leaving his Italian origin behind.

How Electronic Invoices can be managed from mobile
21 August 2016

Digithera is an innovative company providing services and consultancy for electronic invoicing and legally compliant long-term archiving for the dematerialisation

The new Map Catalogue – A new and easy way to access Atmosphere monitoring data
11 June 2016

The European Centre for medium-range weather forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organization, specialised in weather forecasts and in the study of the atmosph