Cateni Dentists Study

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Small is beautiful, we’ve said it from the start and this time it’s no different.  And the confirmation is in the new website we’ve just designed for our client, a small dentist’s study directed by Dr. Alessandra Cateni: testimony to her attention to detail and to each and every aspect that can improve the service offered to her patients.

Innovation and quality are the keywords in her attention to choice of materials, devices and treatment techniques and now in communication with her patients. 

For the Cateni Dentists Study we’ve redesigned the logo, graphics and digital presence and provided an extremely functional website with the patient in mind, full of educational content and clear concepts which make it easy and even pleasant to navigate the website of a dentist’s study!

This too can serve to alleviate the fear of the dentist and, quite rightly, make them feel like our ally.



Client details

Client details

Client details Type: Web-Platform
Client: Doctor Alessandra Cateni 

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